#5 - Britney - in Welcome To Wonderland


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Xailenrath Xailenrath said:

I have only just noticed that in recent years, "KARAOKE NIGHT at the Bar" has turned into "Night at THE Karaoke BAR". Those things are popping up like weeds!

I blame Aggretsuko! (kidding.)

Still doesn't stem the tide of those guys who leave the bar drunk and take 'The Music' with them. Karaoke (and a shot or three) shows who you really are, deep inside.
Some guys, deep inside, are pop princesses.

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Friday, the 23rd of August at 7:02 AM, 2019


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ShaRose49 ShaRose49

It’s hard not to imagine these character’s speaking in different tones and accents, the dialogue is well-written. :)

Friday, the 23rd of August at 5:58 PM, 2019

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